28.6 C
Friday, September 17, 2021

Take a stroll along the Corniche in the rain !

Get drenched in Corniche..
Rain.. Rain.. Come again another day. Rains in Qatar is a sign that winter is approaching too. When those grey clouds hid the scorching sun, we all smiled and said: ” It’s gonna rain and let’s all get drenched in it ”. Unlike the other days, a lot of people gathered and enjoyed the amazing weather in Corniche. It started to drizzle when I took the first sip from my warm tea. Those pine trees lined along corniche were trying hard not to fall off as it was too windy. Those lighted skyscrapers on the other side of corniche were looking unusually beautiful. As the wind was harsh and cold, I quickly slipped my hands inside my pockets and walked towards MIA park. It was around 06.45 PM when I booked my Uber back home. The glowing moon was chasing my car and silver lines were flashing across the skies. Let’s embrace the rains and welcome winter in Doha !! Go and spend an evening at Corniche with your friends/families and yeah !! Please don’t forget to buy a Karak tea when you are there 😉