About us

Qatar’s No.1 Malayalam Radio Station Radio Suno 91.7FM has created a milestone in the history of this nation by becoming the first Malayalam FM radio station to be aired in Qatar.

With the best On-Air and production teams on board, we aim to provide the best information, entertainment, and music to our South Indian diaspora.

With an ever-growing audience of over 1.6 million, the Olive Suno Radio Network helps brands and agencies attain maximum target audiences with the help of their top-tier radio solutions that integrate with the respective programming.

Our success has spelled itself out through the love and appreciation we have received from our lovely listeners and well-wishers in Qatar.

We are committed to bringing together music and creative lovers, brands, and companies as One in Qatar.

Got a question or a suggestion? Please write to us at [email protected]
We would love to listen to you as well. Give us a call at +974 – 44123133 for Sales and Marketing inquiries.
Get connected to our RJs on-air via +974 – 4444 4917 and WhatsApp +974 – 50000917.