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Take a break from your stress

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Take a break from your stress with these two smileys. Home Delivery, notions to introduce lifestyle tips, new recipes, and creative ideas to ease your life. RJ Vinu and RJ Nisa will accompany you with lots of laughter and music in their bag. RJ Vinu’s mimicry and RJ Nisa’s cooking skills can make your day as lovely as an Avial.

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Home Delivery crew

#Wanderlust, Friendship, Music, and Mohanlal… That’s Vinu for you. #CounterVinu Vinu is an avid traveler who loves spending time with friends in his spare time.  His nostalgic voice evokes childhood memories. He celebrates every day with lots of music and has been in the industry for more than a decade. The Trivandrum lad is a […]

A cherry bomb who wobbles your worries away. Loves books, music and traveling. #NingaludeNisa She says her name is a combination of the letters of the Saptha Swarangal – (The 7 musical notes of Carnatic Music), Saa Ree Gaa Maa Paa Dha Nee Saa which is why she is a music lover. RJ’ing is her […]

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