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Friendly, funny and fabulous! This witty soul can manage an entire team with a lot of patience and (his favorite word) – Perseverance. He is a proven leader and handling a complex bunch of team members and individuals is his forte. Krish firmly believes in Creativity as a force to reckon with and loves to […]

A people’s man who is known to handle any obstacle with ease and live life prudently. Ameer is an extrovert who loves catching up with everyone in the office and boosts the energy of his circumference. An avid tech enthusiast and a businessman of the best kind (debatable), Ameer uses his knowledge and passion to […]

His positive attitude and cheerful demeanor make him dear to his friends, colleagues, and employees. This Mechanical Engineer’s early career was marked by a long stint in Voltas Limited (Mumbai and Chennai), followed by Kirloskar Brothers Ltd (Chennai, Pune and Kirloskarvadi). He was the Managing Director of Mather & Platt Pumps Ltd and has also […]

A creative head who breathe media. This keen observer has a poetic soul and loves to scribble short thoughts. He is a cross-functional media professional and has done several movies, music albums, and soap operas. This amazing personality loves to give his time for reading and travelling as he believes these both can enhance experiences. […]

Our human radio who currently bags over 15 years of experience in the media industry. He is an ideal soul at the station who breathes radio and owns a heart for cooking drawing and singing. This English Literature graduate loves scribbling down creative tidbits and is also a martial artist who has learned Shaolin Kung […]

The boy next door with a sack full of love and affection. Mammooty fan + Chef + Music! #CrazyAppunni A master of solving problems, Appunni is like the best friend that you have known since ages. With a passion for music that is rock solid, he says “I can walk music, I can talk music […]

#Wanderlust, Friendship, Music, and Mohanlal… That’s Vinu for you. #CounterVinu Vinu is an avid traveler who loves spending time with friends in his spare time.  His nostalgic voice evokes childhood memories and he still celebrates every day with lots of music and love despite being in the industry for more than a decade. The Trivandrum […]

Sunshine. A beauty born for music. #MelodicAmrutha A soothing voice that can take you a long way till you find your happy place. Music entered her life at a very young age and she credits family as her inspiration to succeed. Her first band was called ‘AmruthamGamaya’ which was formed along with her sister Abhirami […]

A young wanderluster from Kochi who is here to boost your positivity. Always simple and ready to mingle. #cinematicsuraj Suraj and his narration of stories can brighten up the dullest of days. In his own words, the happiest people are the ones who make others smile. This talented chap acts as well and has done […]

A Malabari beauty whose voice will take you down memory lane and be your best friend. #MonchatiMubeena This soft-hearted asset to our team entertains us and all of you with her tender voice. She loves to travel and never misses a chance to board on a travel escapade whenever she can. She recently discovered her […]

A cherry bomb who wobbles your worries away. Loves books, music and traveling. #NingaludeNisa She says her name is a combination of the letters of the Saptha Swarangal – (The 7 musical notes of Carnatic Music), Saa Ree Gaa Maa Paa Dha Nee Saa which is why she is a music lover. RJ’ing is her […]

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