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There are countless issues happening around us and it’s high time we should talk about it in public and let’s together search for a solution. Join us on ‘’ Smart Talk ‘’ which will discuss different issues that are hovering around us. Listeners can suggest topics and participate in our roundtable discussion. So, don’t miss this show on every Friday evening from 07.00 PM to 09.00 PM with RJ Appunni and RJ Nisa.

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The boy next door with a sack full of love and affection. Mammooty fan + Chef + Music! #CrazyAppunni A master in solving problems, Appunni is like the best friend that you have known since ages. With a passion for music that is rock solid, he says “I can walk music, I can talk music […]

A cherry bomb who wobbles your worries away. Loves books, music and traveling. #NingaludeNisa She says her name is a combination of the letters of the Saptha Swarangal – (The 7 musical notes of Carnatic Music), Saa Ree Gaa Maa Paa Dha Nee Saa which is why she is a music lover. RJ’ing is her […]

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