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Bye Bye to your qualms with ‘Joke and Chill’. RJ Vinu and RJ Suraaj, these two characters will help you to relax your mind, as they will carry you to a world of mockery. The perfect pair of your weekend sunset. Get ready to laugh your lungs out.

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#Wanderlust, Friendship, Music, and Mohanlal… That’s Vinu for you. #CounterVinu Vinu is an avid traveler who loves spending time with friends in his spare time.  His nostalgic voice evokes childhood memories. He celebrates every day with lots of music and has been in the industry for more than a decade. The Trivandrum lad is a […]

A young wanderluster from Kochi who is here to boost your positivity. Always simple and ready to mingle. #cinematicsuraj Suraj and his narration of stories can brighten up the dullest of days. In his own words, the happiest people are the ones who make others smile. This talented chap acts as well and has done […]

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