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Those medley mappilapattu songs

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Ishal Qatar is here to satisfy your love for ‘Mappilapattu’ songs.  Mappilapattu has its own place in everyone’s mind as they are composed in a particular Malayalam dialect, laced with some Arabic words. Mappilapattu’s are short tales of traditional cultures followed by Malabari Malayalis. Tune into Radio Suno for a Mappilapattu love.

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Ishal Qatar crew

An endowed Kozhikodukkaran, an RJ and an aspiring sound engineer who can offer innumerable musical gifts to our music industry. #allrounderzayid Every work of his is a piece of his love. Any glitches and issues in our sound equipment is resolved immediately by him. Zayid is a true energy booster and encourages all of our […]

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