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Friday, September 17, 2021


Malayalam actress Archana Kavi has recently started her YouTube channel with videos from genres like travel, beauty, chats and other catchy vlogs. YouTube series are becoming a trend and Northern side Indians have used their opportunity and started numerous YouTube channels and series. Malayalis haven’t shown much interest on YouTube series, but lately they realized the vast opportunity reside in YouTube and started to explore more YouTube tools. Recently ‘’Neelathamara’’ fame Archana Kavi started a mini-series called ‘’Toofan Mail’’ which portrays a relationship between a father and daughter. She plays the character of daughter and her real father act as his father in the series. The trailer and first episode were a hit among South-Indians. This mini-series encourages other young media enthusiasts to come up with their talents and arts. As YouTube allows people to create a channel and the number of views for each video will give them a proper revenue. Toofan Mail never intends to irritate people as the videos are very short, creative and communicating. When you subscribe to a channel, you will get notification whenever they upload a video. Currently they have uploaded two episodes of Toofan Mail, subscribe to her channel for more.