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5 Incredible Facts About K.S. Chitra !!

5 Incredible Facts About K.S. Chitra !!

The Divine Singer !! The notes she hits seem humanly impossible, and yet watching her sing makes you believe in miracles. Her voice is probably what the Gods would sound like if they sang.

K. S. Chithra is a six-time National film award-winning singer who has made her mark in the Indian (film) playback industry. Known as the “Nightingale of South India”, she has lent her voice to Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Oriya, Hindi, Assamese and Bengali films.


  • Do you know who sang the highest number of songs for Ilayaraja and A. R Rahman? Well, now you do!


  • She is considered to be the first Indian Woman to perform in the British Parliament. She sang for the House of Commons!



  • She sang more than 25000 songs in 12 languages in her career, she has also delivered hundreds of live shows. There isn’t one continent in the world that she didn’t grace with her voice.



  • She launched a fundraising organization, Sneha Nandana, to raise funds for the welfare of retired musicians who have lost their careers due to changes in the music industry.

  • She arrived late to her very 1st recording with SPB and Ilayaraja and was so tense that she began to cry. Ilayaraja gifted her, his prized possession, a picture frame of Tyagaraju, which she till date worships in her puja room.